A Better User Experience 🏝

December 12, 2022
A Better User Experience 🏝

simpler just got a major upgrade! The new user interface presents a clear, list-based view of all of your outstanding to-dos.

New Features

  • fluid, animated, drag & drop list view instead of table view
  • works well on iPhone, iPad, and Android, too 😍
  • significantly reduced load times
  • better prioritization algorithm 🤯
  • ability to cross off to-dos upon completion — several users requested this feature ✨
  • ability to assign a different category to each to-do by clicking on the category label (hovering over each category label shows you the total estimated time to complete all to-dos for that particular category)
  • quickly and easily edit, duplicate, repeat, or delete to-dos

Get things done better with simpler.

simpler is a smart productivity app that helps you organize and prioritize what needs to get done so you can focus on what truly matters.