Google Calendar Integration ๐Ÿ“…

February 12, 2021
Google Calendar Integration ๐Ÿ“…

You can now integrate simpler with your Google Calendar ๐Ÿ“… Each to-do with a due date will show up in a separate calendar in your Google Calendar account (so your to-dos wonโ€™t interfere with your regular appointments on your primary calendar).

This Google Calendar integration work well also โ€” and especially โ€” for groups. Anyone in your circle who adds a to-do to your shared list will have the shared to-dos show up in the circleโ€™s adminโ€™s Google Calendar, and all circle members will automatically be invited to that calendar event.

Furthermore, Google Calendar integration is optional for each of your categories on simpler to allow for a more fine-grained control over your calendar experience. For example, you might only like to see pressing work-related to-dos show up in your calendar. And if youโ€™d like to get notified on those pressing to-dos, you can set your Google Calendar notifications in your Google Calendar.

To integrate Google Calendar, log into simpler, then head on over to the navigation panel on the left and select Google Calendar integration once logged in.

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