simpler 2.0 is here ✨

December 12, 2022
simpler 2.0 is here ✨

simpler just got a major upgrade! The first change is that we’ve moved to a new domain: 🚀 It provides a permanent home for simpler moving forward.

The second thing you might notice is that we’re using a new authentication provider — that means when you log into simpler, you’ll need to “sign up” instead of “sign in” and do a quick onboarding. Just this once.

There’s also a redesigned homepage, a much snappier user interface, and many other smaller and bigger changes.

You may also notice that the most important part of simpler — your to-do list — has been reimagined from the ground up with utmost simplicity in mind.

Please allow us to once again to welcome you to simpler’s brand new version: 🔥

Get things done better with simpler.

simpler is a smart productivity app that helps you organize and prioritize what needs to get done so you can focus on what truly matters.